I’m writing a book titled Street Coder for beginner and medium-level programmers. It’s got released recently as part of Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Here is how the cover looks:

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I’m a self-taught programmer and I’ve found that the gap between what you’re taught at school, bootcamp, courses, or in your room, and what you need to know in your professional software development career is something that can be addressed early.

We start our professional career with demanding workloads. There is always something to do and deadlines can always be pressuring to revisit our approach to software development. That kind of desperation forces us into a loop of doing things the way that requires the least thinking, because we don’t have time to think.

Because of the state of arrested development, we don’t get a chance to improve ourselves and get tend to stay at a certain level without growing. We become doomed to stay mid-level for an unnecessarily long time.

Street Coder aims to teach you certain about certain topics that you might have already learned but have never figured out how it can make you a more efficient developer. You might even think that some of those things, like algorithms, data structures, are just boring topics that just get in your way. The book teaches about what works in the streets and in what way. It aims to teach you how to approach well-known techniques with skepticism, and embrace even seemingly bad practices when needed. You’ll see advice like “Use GOTO!”, “DO Repeat Yourself!” and can get shocked. Trust me though, it’s all going to be okay in the end.

The early access program is great for receiving feedback and getting the best out of the limited number of pages on the medium. I’m looking forward to your feedback in case you find the book a good fit for you! Here is the link if you’re interested: https://www.manning.com/books/street-coder

See you in the streets!

P.S.: You can use the discount code “slkapanoglu” for a 40% discount at the checkout, if there isn’t any better promotion is active on Manning’s web site.

Writing Street Coder (https://www.manning.com/books/street-coder) · Ex-Software Engineer at Microsoft · Founder of eksisozluk.com · Demoscene old-timer

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